Thursday, February 17, 2011

nothing to do .

They really don't see
how much this effects me.
I tell them over and over again 
but they just don't want to listen.

They laugh and they giggle 
and tell the whole world 
YEAH! that's because their 
the typical popular girl.

When I put them in their place
they go and be two faced.
Middle school sucks I hope
in high school I will have better luck.

All the drama
the haters,
backstabbers, and liars
you got to pick your friends 
like you are walking on fire.

I used to have one good friend 
that was there till the end 
then she got a boyfriend 
and now its a never again.

All the guys,
the lies, 
the rumors, 
and the facts
karmas a BITCH
so you better step back.

Shouting things that don't 
need to be shouted.
Finding a true friend,
Ah ha I doubt it.

Screaming in you face
just want to kick their ass,
do it
your done 
now walk away with some class.

Flirting is not so bad 
It's a sigh of affection. 
Fighting in the hallways
Automatic DETENTION!

Walking around 
all alone 
gives you time to think
all the strength you've grown.

Now that I'm stronger 
I'll fight and defend 
because I'm a true friend 
and will always be there in the end.