Monday, February 13, 2012

You're a good friend , aren't you ?

friends can be your lifetime partner .
friends are caring , gentle , thoughtful , sincere and responsible .
friends will be by your side when u need them ,
friends will encourage and support you when u do the right act .
friends are good listener when u speak to them ,
friends will cheer you up when u are feeling down ,
friends will told you the good and bad ,
friends will lend you a hand if you need it ,
friends will not betray you ,
friends will not let you down ,
friends will be trustworthy when it comes to personal issues or secret ,
friends will share their good times with you .

So , are you a good friend ?

p/s : skarang byk org buad kwn sndiri jd musuh , tayah nk cri jauh2 bnda nie smua , kat fb kita dh nmpk hahahaha :D